About Chiropractic

In order to understand our practice’s perspective regarding the role of Chiropractic in relation to health, wellness and wholeness, let’s define some terms we commonly use:

Health: When an individual has normal function and the ability to adapt to the average stresses of daily life. It exists when an individual is in balance and in a state of “ease”.

Symptoms: Evidence of abnormal function. It is the body’s way of alerting us that something is wrong...something out of balance or ease. First the problem occurs, then later on, sometimes much later, the symptoms will show up. That's why the absence of any symptoms does not mean that everything is "fine and dandy". Many people have serious underlying health issues and have yet to experience any symptoms. That's why when we evaluate someone, we focus on finding any underlying problems related to the spine and nervous system... rather than just focusing on their symptoms.

Wellness: The ability to successfully adapt to greater than average stress and successfully "off-load" the negative effects reducing the threat to one's individual's health.

Wholeness: Complete integration of body, mind and spirit which allows you to express your purpose and potential in every aspect of your life, being who you genuinely are.

Life energy: That special “something” within each of us that keeps us alive. It’s the force or energy that keeps us alive and coordinates all function. Our ability to express this “life" energy” directly effects our ability to resist illness, express health and quality of life.

Chiropractic: The healing profession that encompasses a unique science, art and philosophy which concerns itself with maximizing life expression by optimizing the alignment of the spine thereby allow the nervous system to function at it's highest level.

Think about this... does someone's health deteriorate because they have too much disease or is it because they lack enough of what keeps them healthy? Our goal is to maximize what keeps you healthy, rather than treat your disease. By assisting your body to function more normally, allowing your body to do what it was designed to do... health will naturally improve. -Dr. Schneider