About Health Insurance

Although our office participates in a variety of health insurance plans, some of these plans may or may not provide for Chiropractic care. If you give our office a call and provide us with your current policy information,  we can check it for you prior to your first visit. 

Today, many patients have high deductibles, high co-payments or no health insurance at all. Once you've been evaluated and we know what needs to be done, we will provide you with other payment options. 

If you have insurance, is will only cover a portion of the care you need. Why? Because most insurance models are based on providing "symptom relief" care rather than "corrective" care. What's wrong with that? Put simply....if you don't correct the underlying problem, it will return later worse than it was originally. Because we don't want our patients to deal with these problems ongoing, we are focused on correction only.