Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a profession that specifically focuses on the health of the nervous system and the alignment of the spine. Misaligned (aka ‘subluxated) spinal bones put pressure on the nerves that exit between them, and in more severe cases, the spinal cord itself.
When the spine is subluxated, there is a break-down in the communication between the nervous system and the organs, glands, muscles & joints it controls. The abnormal function can show up in a variety of ways/symptoms. For example problems like pain, muscle spasm,s and organ system dysfunction (digestive problems, breathing issues, inadequate stress adaptation, abnormal bowel function, etc.). Basically, whatever is controlled by the spinal nerves/spinal cord may be affected.
My #1 job as your Chiropractor is to correct (adjust) the subluxations thereby allowing for improved nerve system function and improved healing. The same inner wisdom our body has that allows us to digest food, heal a wound, eliminate toxins or adjust to temperature changes… is dependent on a properly functioning nervous system. Drugs do not correct subluxations. Chiropractic is unique in what it provides.

Will Dr. Schneider use any drugs or surgical procedures?

No. Chiropractic procedures do not include invasive procedures like surgery or medication. Those methods fall under the heading of medical treatment. Instead, Chiropractic works to clear what is preventing your body from healing & functioning normally.

What if I’m pregnant? What if I’ve had spinal surgery?

Dr. Schneider has been taking care of patients with a variety of special needs throughout his career, including pregnant and post-surgical cases, with excellent results. Pregnant patients receive specialized care using chiropractic tables that have been designed with their comfort in mind. Many times pregnant patients suffer needlessly from spinal issues, unaware that there is an effective, safe option for them. The health of their spine affects the health of their developing child, so it makes a lot of sense for “moms to be” to receive Chiropractic care.

What about my children? Should they be checked for subluxation?

The trauma of the delivery process, childhood falls, pranks, and athletic injuries are just a few great reasons to have your children checked. Don’t wait for them to be in pain, optimize their health now. Keeping their spine aligned helps keep them healthy and “off-loads” the spinal stress from activity-related injuries. It’s the smart thing to do. 

What if I have weak bones (osteoporosis)?

Spines that are more delicate respond best to gentler procedures, which we utilize almost exclusively. However, it’s important to realize that spines that have advanced osteoporosis, surgical interventions, arthritis, and disc degeneration are going to require more care and have a slower and less complete recovery. 

What if I have been in an automobile accident?

We only accept auto accident cases on a case-by-case basis. We do not take a lien on these cases, which means we do not provide treatment and wait for the case to settle to be paid. At this point in practice, we are primarily focused on optimizing our patients’ spinal health, rather than navigating the legal landscape of lawsuits, accident cases, etc. However, you are free to call us, because on occasion, we do make exceptions. We do not handle work-related or personal injury type cases ( like slip and falls, etc.) of any type.

How can I pay for care?

Some patients have health insurance and others don’t. We do participate in a variety of plans. However, many plans, even those that we don’t participate in, may actually have higher out-of-pocket expenses than our normal fees. In some cases, it is actually cheaper to not use your existing health insurance (which you have every right to do in NC).  If you are not sure, our staff will be glad to check what your costs will be. We have a significant number of patients that don’t have health insurance or have plans that don’t cover Chiropractic care and can still afford care. 

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